Yusaku Yano, Visiting Scholar in Geothermics, Japan
“Very professional.”

Fawzi Alorifi, MBA Candidate, Saudi Arabia
“I used to get so frustrated because people told me that I sounded angry all the time. (I constantly found myself saying, “I am not angry!”) Now I understand why: The American Accent Skills course helped me to change my intonation so that I sound less aggressive and more pleasing to people.”

Chun Wu, Radiologist, China
“I have to give talks at conferences to doctors a lot. Before, people never listened to me; I suppose they thought I was too difficult to understand. I gave a talk at a medical congress recently, and my colleagues actually listened to me!”

Mike Lin, Anesthesiologist, Burma
“I love it! Learning with no stress! Very good material.”

Sundari Katir, Homemaker, Sri Lanka
“My American husband can definitely hear a difference after just a few lessons. ‘Keep it up!’ he says.”

Hemanta Agarwala, Engineer, India
“I’ve learned that learning good pronunciation is an ongoing process. This course gave me the tools to continue on my own. Now I can look at a word or phrase and figure out how to say it myself.”

Elsa King, Marketing, Nicaragua
“I never thought I could get so excited about going to a class! Best of all, I finally learned how to pronounce my married name!”

Isabelle Moreaux, Software Engineer, France
“I have to admit… When I started this course, I was a bit skeptical because I’d taken so many pronunciation courses before. I’ve been here 13 years. But I’ve never seen pronunciation taught this way. Now I feel for the first time that there’s hope.”